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Construction support

Doing business in the construction industry is fully controlled and regulated by the state. In order for the object to be built and commissioned in time, it is necessary to obtain permits in dozens of instances, to conclude many contracts, to build up relationships with customers, subcontractors, investors and other participants in the construction. In other words, you need a qualified legal support of construction, which our company is ready to provide.

Construction business support

Legal support is necessary for the construction business at all stages, starting with the selection and acquisition of a building plot and until the commissioning of the project, as well as during its subsequent operation.

Our lawyers provide support of construction activities in the following areas:

  • real estate transactions - analysis of documents and support of purchase or lease of building plot, as well as incomplete construction projects;
  • conclusion of contracts - evaluation and drawing up of contracts and subcontracts for the provision of design services, construction, process supervision, supply of materials and equipment, provision of construction related services, investment, etc.;
  • obtaining permits to start construction, commissioning, etc.;
  • claim activity - responses to claims by state bodies, other organizations and investors, preparation and delivery of claim letters to other participants in the construction;
  • legal proceedings related to construction.

Legal support of the construction business also includes investment activities and legal audit, participation in SRO, obtaining permits and licenses, interaction with regulatory authorities and other processes related to legal support of various stages of the construction market players’ activity.

Investment activity support services

As part of the legal support of investment projects, our specialists:

  • evaluate the project from a legal point of view, analyze possible legal risks and make recommendations for their elimination;
  • develop a legally perfect scheme for the implementation of investment projects in sphere of industrial and civil construction, build contractual relations between the participants, elaborate an investment contract or a system of interrelated contracts and implement them step by step, as well as ensure warranty liabilities of the participants, etc.;
  • carry out a set of necessary measures within the framework of legal support of the project, including arranging interaction between customers, contractors, project organization, banking institutions and marketing companies;
  • represent the interests of the company in governmental regulatory organizations, including for obtaining permits, during various inspections, etc.;
  • provide other legal and consulting services related to real estate management, its sale, distribution of income, etc.

Construction support services

Legal support of activities in the field of construction, reconstruction and overhaul includes:

  • support of construction projects for the customer, investor (including co-owner) or contractor;
  • development of contracts required for the construction and commissioning of the facility;
  • settlement of land relations within the framework of the construction project, including obtaining a plot for construction from the state land fund;
  • obtaining the necessary documents for construction, including the land development plan, permits for construction, commissioning, demolition of old buildings, etc.;
  • support of works on connection of facility communications to the engineering networks;
  • construction expertise;
  • resolution of conflicts and disputes arising in the process of construction, claims administration, representation in court.

Services to support participation in SRO

Legal support of participation of the construction company in SRO includes:

  • provision of consulting services on selection and implementation of participation in SRO;
  • legal support of the self-regulatory organization’s activities;
  • risk assessment and mitigation;
  • resolution of disputes and conflicts related to the participation in SRO;
  • development of SRO’s internal documentation.

Our company provides all necessary services for legal support of construction business participants’ activity.

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Construction support
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